I believe that a foundational level of data literacy is as important to each and every […]
What does making chocolate chip cookies have to do with data? Join Jennifer Otremba of Nonprofit […]
Should there be a Hippocratic oath for data? A kind of fiduciary responsibility oath for analysts? […]
“Agile” is a formally designed approach meant to help software developers turn out better software faster […]
How do you measure ‘social good’ in a remotely standardized or comparable way? How do you […]
While we each may lean a little bit (or a lot bit) towards more heart-centered or […]
Designing an impactful data product isn’t just about the data – in fact, it’s mostly NOT […]
Today’s episode explores a complex kind of data – crime data. We speak with veteran crime […]
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Data literacy – the ability to create, understand, steward, and apply analytics – is critical to […]