Khanh Vu immigrated to America as a young child. As he grew up among American friends […]
“Don’t be fooled – EVERY system needs maintenance.” Nonprofits are often chronically under-resourced, and thus unable […]
If you have a website or blog, or produce content for others, you may be wondering […]
On today’s podcast, we’re trying something new for the first time – a live coaching session. […]
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learn from the mistakes of others, you can't make them all yourself!
To celebrate my 50th episode of this podcast, I’m sharing four major mistakes I make in […]
It's not about resources, it's about being resourceful
Success with data isn’t about having all the resources, it’s about being resourceful (thank you, Tony […]
It’s not just a bad idea to try to make decisions from pure logic – it’s […]
What does it mean to build an effective learning culture? Why is it important to expect […]