Determining the right technology for your organization can be challenging. There are many options for any given function in an organization. Balancing the inherent capabilities, the amount of customization needed, and the price of the technology is key. Today, Sarah Epting discusses how to find the right technology stack, or combination of tools, for an organization. She discusses things to consider when making a decision and some pitfalls to avoid. 

What You Can Do

Sarah’s advice for an initial step if you’re considering implementing or switching technology is to first identify the pain points you’re dealing with in whatever process you’re completing, and understand why they’re the pain points. Interview others in your organization to determine if they share these pain points. Then you can be clearer on what potential solutions would solve the worst of those pain points. 

Sarah Epting is the Founder and Director of Technopath. Prior to founding Technopath, Sarah earned her MPA in nonprofit management from Georgia State University and worked in nonprofit management for over 10 years. During that time she found Salesforce and saw the immense potential it had to transform the way nonprofits serve their communities. She wanted to show more nonprofits how they could leverage Salesforce to stretch their often small budgets and support their staff in making a bigger impact. She founded Technopath to address those gaps and further their missions, and has dedicated herself to aiding nonprofits in their growth with the help of technology.

In addition to her nonprofit expertise, Sarah brings 7 years of Salesforce Administration experience and 6 Salesforce certifications. She is an experienced speaker and trainer, having presented at nonprofit conventions, Salesforce events, and her weekly Salesforce Saturday meetings.

Sarah lives in South Florida with her circus-performing/handyman husband and their adorable cat, Scratch.



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