We use data in our everyday lives – even when we go on vacation. Listen to Luke Komiskey explain how his data analytics knowledge empowered him and his wife to take an extended vacation and travel around the world. Luke discusses how he was able to accomplish his goal of traveling for a full year, and how a simple data collection model made this trip of a lifetime possible

What gets measured, gets managed: Luke’s first piece of advice when embarking on a new project (whether it be a long trip or other data-related project) is to be clear about how you define success. Then you can put metrics in place so you know you’ll be successful. He explains how he used this advice to accomplish his travel goals.

What You Can Do

If you’re starting a new project, or even in the middle and unsure of where to go, re-evaluate: be clear about what you want success to look like. Then you can put metrics in place so you know when you’re successful.

Luke Komiskey is the founder and managing director of DataDrive, an analytics-managed service provider for fast-growing organizations looking to grow a data-driven capability without the hassle of hiring a data team and managing infrastructure.  Luke also is a public speaker on analytics topics for conferences, community events, and podcasts!  Reach out to him at [email protected] or find him on LinkedIn (/in/Komiskey)



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